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Book One of The Fahr Trilogy


Reader Reviews of T.K. Boomer’s “Planet Song”



“A novel full of captivating ideas, relatable characters and humbling perspectives. Planet Song was a beautiful introduction into what is sure to be a popular trilogy.” Benjamin Hockley


“This is probably one of the best science fiction books I have ever read. Great story about first contact, political satire, and really good creation of an alien culture and way of thought. I can’t wait for the sequel.” Jacques Spilka


“Planet Song is a breath of fresh sci-fi air for me. I was bored with robots, silly YA stories and romances… I will recommend this for people who are looking to think about the things they read.” Indigo


“T.K. Boomer creates a compelling alien race that is paradoxically very different from humans, but at the same time remarkably similar. Unlike other novels in this genre, the alien characters are believable and compelling – I was surprised when I found myself empathizing.” Hampton Bruce Ehlert