Planet Song by T.K. Boomer

Planet Song

Book One in the Fahr Trilogy


Teracia is a member of the aquatic Fahr, the oldest and most powerful sapient species in the galaxy.    The Fahr are addicted to song, so much so that they create large corporate entities to travel the galaxy in search of pets that can sing.   It’s a lucrative business and one that often tramples on lessor sapients.   Teracia, who has a deep concern for the fate of such species, talks her way onboard one of the Fahr corporate ships.   She hopes to protect whatever sapient species they might encounter.

She’s on the Fahr ship when it arrives on the Earth in the middle of the 14th century.  There’s an immediate buzz on board with the realization that Earth’s oceans are teaming with aquatic singers.  But there is also a problem.  The planet has a sapient species, a stagnant and plague ravished Humanity.   By Fahr law they must ensure that their pet collecting activities do not interfere with this species.   But the ship is many light-years away from meaningful enforcement of this law. Terecia lobbies for the human race, but to no avail.  Commander Prostallen decides to collect the pets, in defiance of the law, and worry about the consequences later.  They land in the Pacific Ocean where they discover the real prize, the humpback whale.  The song of this animal is so powerful that it kills the first thirty Fahr exposed to it.  But Prostallen soon realizes with certain dangerous frequencies filtered out, humpback whale song will become the ultimate sonic drug and a huge boost to the corporation’s profits. The ship they have arrived in, however, is too small to transport a breeding population of these animals.

Prostallen returns to the Fahr home planet to get a bigger ship, a round trip journey that will take 650 years.  No one in the Fahr leadership believes that Humanity will present much of a challenge.  When the Fahr return to the Earth in the 21st century, the human race has evolved into a different beast.   This one is capable of much stiffer resistance to Fahr corporate plans, but the Fahr now have too much invested to turn back. Against all odds, Teracia must try to protect Humanity from a war they cannot win.


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